Commonly Believed DUI Myths

We have intricate knowledge and deep experience in defending against DUI allegations in the Los Angeles area. Over the years, we have noticed a prevalence of certain false beliefs about DUI crimes that seem to be accepted from the mere fact that they are constantly repeated. Explaining the truth about drunk driving cases and debunking the fictions can only help our clients, and so we have assembled here below four of the most common DUI myths and proceeded to expose them as false.

1. Eating Food or Waiting It Off Will Lower BAC

While eating may sometimes be able to reduce alcohol's narcotic effects on the body, it has no effect at all on blood-alcohol content. Sometimes, we hear that waiting about an hour will cut down on BAC, but studies indicate that the highest peak of BAC actually occurs an hour after drinking. This is because of the time it takes to digest the alcohol and infuse it into the blood stream. Obviously, BAC eventually will go down to normal again, but this could take a whole day not just a few hours.

2. Using a Breath Spray Will Lower BAC

Breath spray may help with bad breath, but it does not lower BAC. In fact, most breath sprays contain alcohol and other ingredients that can increase a BAC reading. It is also to be noted that law enforcement officers will have their suspicions raised even higher if they detect that you have used breath spray, and once they see you attempted to cover up the crime, things will only get harsher and more complicated.

3. Pennies or Other Metal Objects Will Fool a Breathalyzer

Many believe that putting a penny or metal object inside of their mouth will cause a lower BAC reading on the breathalyzer device. This is simply not true. The tiny traces of metal may irritate your tongue, but that is all it will do. Furthermore, police officers routinely make sure mouths are empty before administering the breath-test. Thus, the police officer will know you have a high BAC even before taking your breath sample.

4. Not Cooperating With the Police Will Help With the Defense

This is the worst thing you can do when pulled over for a DUI. The best thing to do is to be polite, cooperative, and avoid antagonizing the law enforcement officer. If you are uncooperative, he/she will become suspicious and be sure to treat you as harshly as legally permissible. Furthermore, refusal to submit to a breathalyzer or other BAC test can lead to enhanced sentencing later on.

There are many other DUI myths in circulation, but we are always available to answer any questions you may have about a DUI-related assertion you may have heard. If you or a loved one are presently facing DUI charges, it is all the more imperative to have access to the truth. 

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